Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Ok, lets get some cards designed!!

Today was my first proper day as a 'card designer',although it didn't feel any different I must admit! Now that all of the work is done for college final show, I thought it was high time I started to do what I want to do, and start designing cards. There's only so much procrastinating one can do.... I'm quite proud of initial results, collagey, textural and bright, thinking of putting them onto a neutral background. It was really nice to put stuff into a sketch book and think 'this is just for me', and not for any college tutors, assessing what you have done and asking why! Just because ok?? Any thoughts and comments??


I have been tagged, and am not really sure what this actually means (dur!) but by looking on other blogs I gather it means you have to say seven things about yourself....

Oh god, I think I am going to have to leave this until I can think of something witty...

1. I have a matching cat and dog (special order from the RSPCA and Cat Protection league!!), no seriously they do match, but it wasn't intentional. They don't really like each other that much, as the dog is too manic for the cat, and the cat is far too stuck up and laid back for the dog. The cat rules... he has ultimate respect from the dog!! Oh yes, and the dog can talk!! Yes, really.... he's got quite a good sense of humour! But he does swear sometimes...

2. I have my own personal sofa in my lounge, (which I bought myself) it's big enough to lie down on, and I only let people I really like lie on it! Its for lounging on and not sitting on! And I love it. I like sofas, the bigger the better. AT one point I had three, all at once but had to get rid of one, as I don't live in a mansion!!

3. I love the gluggly noise you get when you pour that first glass of wine out of the bottle. Its one of my fave sounds.

4. I have to have sauce on my sausage sarnies, they just aren't the same without it. Red or brown... um depends what mood I am in! I find its better to have two sarnies on indecisive days, just so I can have one of each!!

5. I am VERY indecisive!! Typical Libran!

6. I am married to the (in my opinion) BEST BLOKE in the world! By the way, this seven are not in any order, this one should have been at the top!!

7. I hate cleaning and housework! Life is too short....

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Memories of Venice

Here are a few of my sketches from Venice a couple of years ago, they bring back fond memories, we visited on a cheap flight from East Midlands and spent a few days in a central Venetian hotel, which was a stones throw from St Marks Square and the Rialto Bridge. Then we got the train down to Puglia, for my sisters wedding. I'd love to go back to Venice again sometime before it disappears under the sea, but the list of places we want to go is rather long, so we will have to see. I am hoping (and dropping plenty of hints) that a trip to New York around about the same time as my birthday may be nice, but I don' think the penny has dropped yet!! This year we are heading for the great outdoors and going to be 'carbon-conscious' and are going camping in Yorkshire in a few weeks time. Any top tips for camp sites would be welcome!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

France sketches

Here are some of my holiday sketches from France last year, just fancied having a look thru my sketch books and putting some more work online, hope you like em! We spent two weeks in the Dordogne with friends and had lovely food, lots of wine and I even got to sketch, everyday, without a thought of projects or college or homework!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ta Dah

Sneaky preview of my final college work, introducing my pink jellyfish, who, along with a scary blue fish and a seahorse will be forming the main bit of my final show! Also have the gift wrap, which is too many mega thingys to put on here but I am rather proud of it. If I work out how to make the mega thingys smaller I will post, promise!

Hope you like!!

Lovely antique wood block picture

Lovely letter picture bought in the Cotswolds as mentioned the other day, just thought you might like to see it, a bit blurred but this one showed the lovely colours of the different woods, have a look at

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Final images for FINAL PROJECT!!!

At last here are my final images for my final project, let me know what you think

I initially researched this self-directed project at a local aquarium but it has developed into more of a weird and wonderful theme. I'm thinking of watercolouring my images in a then printing them on top of a pre-prepared water colour wash and mounting the final pieces on mount board for the show. Maybe I will hang the original fabric stiched pieces too?? ANy ideas welcome as I have never hung a end of course show before. I hope they look good when they're finished.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The clock is ticking!!

Why is it that whenever you want to get something done quickly, your computer/modem/printer (delete as applicable) decides to start acting up? My computer is driving me bananas, it is sooooooo slow! So while I wait for it to do its stuff I'll blog.

I am now FOUR WHOLE WEEKS from the end of my foundation course and nearer starting my business, and I just wanna get this project finished and wrapped up (with the amazing help of my graphic designer sister )who has the patience of a saint I must say! Heres a pic from my last project anway of three kngs I did for Xmas card project. Will post my current project when I convert the files into the correct format. BFN xx