Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Sneak Preview!!

My final show is up and ready to be marked and assessed! How nice to know it's all done, all I have to do now is write an evaluation of the project and send them a mugshot!

Time now to relax, enjoy the sunshine and stop thinking about college work and deadlines! Plus, weather permitting we are camping next week (no work for a whole week) in North Yorkshire, so I will be keeping fingers and toes crossed that the weather is good!


littlemithi said...

Well done Soozie! And a well deserved camping break too.

Thanks for your comments over at my blog. we're being assessed all of this week (hence we're not at college while the tutors go through about 100+ students). The externals are next Monday and the show starts Tuesday ... how quickly time flies!

Hope your card business sets off with a roaring start!

(ps, fell free to link me)

Dawbis said...


Melissa said...

Wow, gorgeous work!!! Congrats! I'll have my fingers crossed that you get some good weather for camping. Have a wonderful time!