Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Home and Gift Harrogate

Well, fellow bloggers, I haven't posted for a while as I haven't had much time and haven't done any new work, but today my lil sis and I went to visit the Home and Gift Fair in Harrogate. There was only one hall dedicated to Greetings cards, so we had a little wander and chatted to a few peeps, and had a look at some of the amazing work that is out there!

I wanted to take some photos to post, as others have on other blogs I've seen, but people didn't seem very keen on me photographing their stands, so I only took one, which I'll download later, from Liz and Pip, whose work, I must say was gorgeous!! Their website is check it out their work is lovely and their stand was one of the best!

On the whole though I'm glad we went to have a look and I made a good contact with the GCA (Greetings Card Association) and am hoping to go to a seminar later in the year.

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