Wednesday, 8 August 2007

My first show is booked!

I have found out today I have managed to get a space at my first Craft Fair, at Patchings Farm at Christmas, a shared six foot table with a friend of mine from college. So now I HAVE to start producing some work to sell. I have until mid November I think so have plenty of time, even though I am working extra in my 'day job' throughout the summer.

Step One, tomorrow, I have an appointment with a Business Advisor at Nottinghamshire Business Venture, to get some useful (I hope) information on things I need to be doing... Step Two, speak to my lil sis, H, about getting some business cards and corporate id done. Step Three, go off camping for the weekend, well a long weekend really as I have Thurs and Fri off this week, to a beautiful campsite in Calver, Derbyshire. Its a fantastic site in a level grassy field, nice clean loos, stream trickling by, views of Curbar edge, and stumbling distance to the pub!! We had hoped to go off to Norfolk but the site we wanted is booked for weeks, the good news about that one got out!!
Fingers crossed for good weather, and for the Business Meeting :-)


littlemithi said...

Good Luck Susie!

Emma said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and I'm enjoying having a look through yours - love your illustrations. I used to sell my cards, but I got a bit bored of mass production, so now pretty much everything I do is a one-off for my friends and family. I would be delighted for you to add a link to my blog!