Monday, 20 August 2007

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!!

Well, I have had enough of flowers for now. The weather never seems to be sunny for long enough to get out into the garden to sketch! I wouldn't be surprised if half the population of UK end up with SAD before winter this year as the summer has been so bad! I just hope we get the 'Indian Summer' to compensate!!

Never mind, I always find shoes cheer me up, so here are a couple of sketches I have done today, whilst being stuck in the house, feeling poo with a cold!

Maybe this will be the topic of my next range of ideas for cards and prints??? Shoes and handbags always go down well with the ladies, and I have a wide and varied selection to peruse for ideas....

1 comment:

banana skin said...

Hey Poo, just wanted to post you a quickie to let you know I especially love this last pair of shoes!
The blog is looking great - loads of new work since last time i was here. Love the new daisies and poppies too. Keep up the good work!
Very much looking forward to a creative week on the water (with or without radio 4!!) with you, steve and captain Jack :-) xx