Sunday, 23 September 2007

Should I cover the back of my stitched cards?

Having a bit of a think about whether I should cover up the back of my stitched images on my greetings cards. Would you think this was unprofessional and messy if you opened a card and could see the bottom thread (even though it's white)? Thoughts please......
Also does anyone think they need colour, I'm quite happy with the minimalist black and white but people have asked me whether I am going to colour them?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

My first sooziebee cards!

Hot off the press, or should I say sewing machine. My first attempts at cards and I quite like the results. The big question is..... will everyone else?

Getting down to business!

I have been busy this week actually starting to produce some work for my first show in November. I bought my sewing machine after a positive conversation with a very nice man from the Grants Dept at the Council. Hopefully me grant application will be successful!

So after a few trial runs last week, and getting to know my new gorgeous machine, I have started to produce some work. The clock is ticking and I have about 9 weeks to get enough stuff together for my stand.

I thought I would try and look back over my college assignments for some inspiration and came across a Landscape project I did two years ago. The colours here are so beautiful at the moment with all the the cornfield cut or ploughed I thought I would try to capture the rolling countryside and colours in the stitched piece above.

Also I have been going over some flower designs and putting my machine through its paces with different types of threads, very exciting, and I am liking the results, esp with the brown thread, it isn't as stark as the black.

And coming soon, the first sooziebee cards off the production line. Have decided to go for handmade and will get some others digitally printed soon.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Blue skies smiling at me...

The week on the canals in Cheshire was just perfect. We had sunshine which was a rare treat and we had the longest boat EVER!! Well, okay it wan't the longest boat ever, but it felt like it when I tried my hand at steering it (and crashed into the side of the canal!!)
We set sail last Sunday from Anderton Marina in Cheshire and sailed down to Whitchurch through 40 locks, 2 lift bridges, various pubs and some fantastic scenery. I would definitely try it again, but sadly, next time without Jack, our dog, who still hasn't found his sea-legs and got himself nearly squashed by 70 tonnes of steel when he misjudged the canalside and fell in!! And maybe next time I will try steering, but only if it's a smaller boat! If anyone is thinking of trying a holiday on the water I can't recommend it highly enough, everyone is so friendly and full of good advice and the pace is so slow you can really chill out!

Here are a few of my holiday pics just so you can see how long that boat really was...

1st Captain Steve with boating crew Lynn (the Duck Spotter) and Captain Jack (the one on the grass!)
See the sun does shine in England!!

Hole in one yet again, Captain Keeling steers the boat into another lock with deftness and precision!

And that is how long that boat really was!