Sunday, 23 September 2007

Should I cover the back of my stitched cards?

Having a bit of a think about whether I should cover up the back of my stitched images on my greetings cards. Would you think this was unprofessional and messy if you opened a card and could see the bottom thread (even though it's white)? Thoughts please......
Also does anyone think they need colour, I'm quite happy with the minimalist black and white but people have asked me whether I am going to colour them?


deb said...

oo...nice cards!.

i tend to make a lot of birthday cards and such for friends and family using this technique and like to leave the sewing on the inside for all to see.

are you selling these cards though? as maybe the sewing wouldn't go down well with everybody (though i like sewing mess so i'd be quite happy to get one!)

it's a tricky one.
but they're lovely!

Erin Lang Norris said...

Those are great! I love stitched paper and I always wonder the same- should I cover it or leave it...

I have found that most people prefer it to be covered only because I think they are under the impression that uncovered means unfinished. Of course, these are the people who don't really make things so they don't quite understand the beauty of the uncovered, in my opinion.

You asked about color. I really like the way they look as is, but maybe if you do end up covering it, you could use a nice colored paper. Or use white paper with a strip of ribbon or something somewhere. Not sure how you could incorporate that, just trying to throw ideas to you. I know this would be a lot more work but watercolor would look really awesome, maybe if you make more you could do a really simple flower (for save time)filled with watercolor paint.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

sooziebee said...

Thanks girls, it's great to get someone elses opinions and ideas, really helpful and encouraging!! Thanks for the ideas Erin, I agree with you, I am going to try and make some inserts and also add some water colour to the watercolour paper cards as soon as I get some. Only 8 weeks til the Xmas Market so I need to get cracking!!

Gillian said...

These look good in B&W. Stunning in fact. Re the cover or not cover debate, I can only say that, as a cardmaker for some years, I would always cover the 'working parts' and don't even like to see the 'legs' of brads on show on the reverse. When I've stitched onto card, I do so onto a separate piece then apply that to the larger card. That's a personal thing though.
I imagine, if you're planning to sell them, then covering is the best plan.
Go with what feels right for you. Good luck. xxx