Sunday, 14 October 2007

And introducing......

I haven't anything, workwise, to post this weekend, as I have been having the weekend off! I know, how decadent! But we have had a mega-chill-out which has resulted in about 9 jars of home-made Pear and Ginger chutney which I made yesterday, quite a few miles of walking under our belts and a very tired dog, a couple of empty wine bottles, and some nice food.
So, I leave you with an image of ... my new Husqvarna Sewing Machine. Hopefully I will hear about my grant from the Council soon, fingers crossed on that one.
My new company stationery is, as I type, on it's way down to Notts, so I will post and let you know what it looks like soon.

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Adriana said...

hey, nice blog! I didnt know you where in England! I was there this summer and i loved it! Well, from what i have read, its good to have many singles at craft shows! I think it gives people who dont want to buy a whole pack a chance to own a piece of our art. So now i am in the process of producing many singles cards! Good luck!