Monday, 22 October 2007

Trying something a little different

Having played around with various plain stitched designs for my cards I thought I would try to incorporate another of my fave media (mediums?):- collage.
And at the weekend so this little piece below was born. I raided my paper box (which is full to the brim with lots of lovely papers, collected over the last couple of years, and which I might add is still in disarray, after my many attempts at trying to organise it into some kind or order!). If you stitch paper onto paper and keep the machine running quite quickly it kind of perforates the top decorative paper, making it easy to tear away, leaving just the shape you want inside the stitch.
I think I like this, so maybe this may be the start of my second sooziebee range. The only downside is it takes longer to do, due to the fiddly tearing part, but the end effect is a bit more interesting than stitch on its own.


Anonymous said...

what a fab idea! looks lovely babe. Wish I could see it up close though. You HAVE to try some of your funny flowers and POPPIEs like this!!!! They will look amazing!
me x

mizu designs said...

Your work is soooooo lovely! And I'm flattered you've linked my blog to yours! I'll be doing the same if that's ok with you.

sugarloop© said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :) ...just sending on info re: blockprinting. i used pieces of lino and carving tools (all from a local art supply store)...looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it :)