Thursday, 1 November 2007

Christmas cards colour version

This is what they look like with a bit of colour, I like them a lot. Not sure of the baubles, as I'm not sure they look very Christmassy. I'm not feeling very Christmassy at the moment, am more into the beautiful autumn colours on display at the moment. So I have been playing about with some designs for autumn pictures this afternoon.
We had a power cut for about two hours this morning, and I tidied up my 'studio-room' so some good did come out of it! It was a bit frustrating that I couldn't get stitching, but what can you do.


deb said...

ooo...i'm loving the ones with the baubles very much.
thanks for adding a link to my blog (i've also popped a link to you on my page!)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I love your work, I'm particularly interested in the cards, I haven't seen anything quite like them before, do you stitch straight on to card?? They are lovely.