Monday, 19 November 2007

Four days to go!!!

Well, I am slowly getting there and getting myself ready for the Xmas Market weekend on Friday! I have done a 9-6.30 at my 'day-job' and got home, had tea and sat and mounted and packed 20 of my stitched pieces of work after my delivery of mounts from my friend Sally. Very satisfying to see the final product all packaged and ready to go.

I have more mounts arriving on Weds this week and have about another 10 pieces to mount so am quite pleased with the amount of stock I have to sell and just have to struggle with pricing. I am thinking of pricing the 230mm x 230mm mounted pieces at £20 and the framed ones at £25. Does anyone have ideas as to whether they think this is ok/ too pricey/ too cheap?

As for the cards they are going to range from £1.50 for the small 4x4 inch, £2-£2.50 for the 5x5 and £3 for the 6x6. You can't buy a decent card in shops for under £2 so I'm thinking this is about ok?? Again, comments welcome.

I will keep posting this week with my progress, I'm getting quite excited now and looking forward to the weekend.

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