Sunday, 25 November 2007

The sweet taste of success!!

Ok, that sounds a bit grand but I just wanted to report that my first Craft Fair has been a success!!

I covered my costs of the space and made a healthy profit over the three days, gained lots of experience, learned lots and had the added bonus of meeting some really lovely fellow stall holders, as well as catching up with lots of friends and family who came along to give me moral support! Thanks everyone who came, it was lovely to see you, and I really appreciated the fact you came, saw and bought!!!

As for me now, I just have to count the pennies, pack up the boxes of stock I have left, send out a few thankyou cards, and put my creative feet up for a while before Christmas. I am having a bit of a break from sooziebee until the New Year, so won't be posting for a while. But I promise to be back soon, batteries recharged and raring to go in January 08 (which is a lot nearer than it sounds!)

So thanks for reading, commenting and stopping by, have a lovely festive period, and I will be back soon with more sooziebee news and plans!


Gillian said...

Congrats on your successful craft show. It's very tiring, isn't it. Hope the next one's even better.
See you in the New Year! xxx

Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery said...

Congratulations on an overall successful show! Its always a relief when sales cover costs and when it creeps into profit you just feel lighter and happier with each sale! Enjoy your break - back into it in a month!!!

Jesse said...

Well done! Enjoy the rest - you deserve it.

littlemithi said...

well done miss!

Suz said...

dear sooziebee - where did your name come from? I'm a 'subee' - the neices and nephews named me - congrats on your crafting and company! woo woo! I'll be reading you! all the best in the new year! Suz