Sunday, 4 November 2007

Where all the work gets done!

So I have posted plenty about my work but I haven't told you anything about my little room, where it all happens! This is our third bedroom, which was a bedroom, hardly-used, until my art mess got too much for my DH to take, and that was what clinched the deal! We have been in the process of converting our brickbuilt outhouse at the top of the garden into somewhere I can do my work, but like anything, it's taking time. It has been re-roofed this summer but we are still waiting for the builder to come and rebuild the back wall.
Until that is done then our third room will stay as 'my room', it's just not quite big enough for all the boxes of material, paper, paints, pencils and threads: hence it never looks tidy! So rollon, our builder arriving and then we can get on with the hard work of making it warm and cosy. Ooh, I can't wait!

Yes we are gonna lose that awful rug! I'm thinking of going neutral and maybe painting the wardrobe doors white to make it look a bit more spacious!

And my inspiration boards, which include pics of my friends and family, work I love, and ideas formy work!

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mizu designs said...

thanks for sharing images of your workspace. i love it how we all seem to have those little wooden boxes (from ikea?) to store our beloved paper in.