Friday, 11 January 2008

I have opened my Etsy store!!

I have opened my Etsy store today. It has taken me quite a while. not being the most computer savvy lass in the world, but I have managed to list some of my original watercolour-machine embroidered originals: Stop by and have a look.

As for everything else, I'm busy today with my commission for friends, the weather outside is horrible, BUT we are off to the Big Smoke tomorrow with our two lovely nieces who we are taking to see The Lion King for their Xmas present. I think we are more excited than they are... Ooh yes and a trip to Hamleys too!!

AND, before I go, I'm pleased to say I have broken the 2000 hits barrier for this blog, so all of you lovelies who stop by, read or leave me comments, THANKS, it has me feel very proud!


littlemithi said...

Congrats soozie! I've been meaning to set up an etsy shop up for AGES (already have a buyers account) but never thought any of my work worth selling. Now I'm all inspired to do it again! Good luck and hope you get LOTS of sales :)

Gillian said...

Good luck with this. It's something I'm contemplating too, for my digital prints, but it's quite scary. I'll be interested to follow how you're getting on there.

Good to see you blogging again - we want more!

Jesse said...

Congratulations! I hope you have tons of sales!