Sunday, 20 January 2008

Blog of the week: LuSummers

My first posting of blogs/work/people/places i really like/find inspiring. Da, da, daaaaah!

This is lusummers and she shares a lot of my mixed media passions when it comes to art. Her use of collage, print, colour and stitch really appeals to me, as well as her love of envelope-insides (a wee fetish I share!).

She is based in the UK, makes fab journals, which are so beautiful I'm not sure that I wouldn't want to frame them (some of which you can see below and also you can see them if you drop in on her Etsy shop ). She also dabbles in handmade greetings card and art works for your homes.

Really liking this, keep up the fab work lu, can't wait to see what you produce in 2008, and thanks for your tips on the printing. Am gonna get on with mine this afternoon.

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lusummers said...

hey you....thanks for this :) it's lovely, glad the printing tips were ok!