Sunday, 13 January 2008

Busy bee!

I was going to post earlier today to say it's a windy rainy Sunday afternoon and I really felt like I needed to use my time constructively today and do some sooziebee work. But instead I just got off my butt and DID some sooziebee work and added some new items to my sooziebeee etsy store . These are as yet unseen as I did them for my Christmas fare at Patchings way back in November and was that busy I didn't have time to post them on here.

I have also had a think about this blog and the way it is going and have made a few decisions about what it is going to contain in 2008. Instead of just me rambling on about me and my work I am going to try and do one post a week about someone or something that has really inspired me, or just someone whose work I admire, or even just about a lovely blog I have found, just to make it a little more varied and interesting for you.

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lusummers said...

of course i don't mind sue, i'd be honoured to be featured, thankyou so much :)