Monday, 21 January 2008

Food, glorious food!

I have finally come up with an idea for my new project for 2008. (collective gasps!)

I feel I kind of overdid the flowers thing last year and once I started I just couldn't seem to get out of the garden! This time I have chosen another subject close to my heart: FOOD! Yup, 'm a bit of a greedy foodie, so what better to get me inspired than lots of nice nosh! I came up with the idea when I was trying to get to sleep the other night, and I was thinking of things I really like (while trying to put the idea of nipping downstairs to go and nibble some of my mam's excellent Xmas cake out of my head!).

Once I got started (thinking, not nibbling) I thought of loads of ideas for things I could do. I really want to expand my skills this year and try something i haven't done before, a bit of printing, inspired by the lovely lusummers whose work you can see a bit of below, Heather from skinnylaminx , the amazing prints from Jesse at jezzeblog and also Noelle at PinkBathTub to name but a few. So now I have to do my research and get some work done. I'm aiming to produce something I can market under the sooziebee brand.... so wish me luck and watch this space.

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