Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Sneaky preview of my first 2008 project!

Sneak preview of my first project of 2008.... a series of three canvasses for some very good friends of mine, to go in their spare bedroom. Colour scheme: brown and blue, size: about a3-ish, and just in the prep stages at the moment.

The one dilemma I have, and call me a soft girl if you will, but I am having the biggest problem with costing things. I don't REALLY want to charge them for the work but a need to cover costs. What would I charge if I was doing this for someone I didn't know??? Any insights would be useful... I just don't know where to begin and need some help! Truth be known, I would just love for someone I love to have some of my work on their walls and for them to tell all their friends about it. Is that making any sense?

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Jesse said...

It's so difficult costing things for friends. They should at least cover the costs of the materials, but perhaps you could think of some kind of swap that would cover the rest? Even if it's just a dinner. Or you could set a price that you'd charge a stranger, and then drop it a little for your friends?