Thursday, 28 February 2008

Can't get enough of lino baby!

Yes, i have been listening to Barry White on the ipod whilst doing my lino. It's been great today just playing around with my inks and not 'having' to do anything in particular. This print is based on one of my doodles (usually done whilst on the phone!), and which I find kind of soothing to do, just drawing loads of little circles of different sizes and filling up a piece of paper.

Anyway, I digress. I thought I would try this out as a print, which turned into this.....

And then I thought there was too much of the blocks of colour so it turned into this......

More lino

I'm getting the hang of this lino thing now, ie I haven't chopped off any of my fingers today! And the top tip is to scrape away from your fingers and the image (otherwise chunks can be easily removed from each!). I'm just playing around with it at the moment, it's really difficult to get the ink evenly spread on the image, but then I think that is half of the appeal of the end result. I also need to tidy up both linocuts a bit as there is a bit of background noise going on, but then I kind of like that too.

But one thing I do want to know from any of you print people out there, which is the best way to print, laying the lino on top on the paper and rolling the back of it, or putting the paper on top of the lino and rolling it??? Maybe I should just try both and see which I like the best.

I'm going to spend the afternoon drinking tea and sketching teapots!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ebay.... never mind Etsy!

OOOh just look what I found on Ebay last week. It's a beautiful old pine dresser/cupboard which goes soo well in our kitchen (ie old and a bit battered!). Even though it looks like it was made for the kitchen it will soon be taking pride of place in my studio. Work begins converting what was an old pig sty at the top of our garden in about 6 weeks. I'm so excited and can't wait to have it done. It will then mean we can have our 3rd bedroom back and we can move all my art 'stuff' up there and I can have my own little den and our house may seem a bit more spacious. Watch this space, I will be posting the progress on here once the work begins.

As for other stuff, my Save the Date wedding cards (which I hope to show you soon) have been delivered safe and sound and I have had good reports about them which I am really chuffed about.
Thinking of what's next.... I need to try and sort out a new range of work, and try out those lovely inks I bought a last month, sort out my Etsy shop (which hasn't moved since I posted my pictures). I haven't sold a thing, had quite a few views of my stuff but I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong, maybe I just need to branch out a bit, and now that part 1 of wedding commission has been done, I have some time to spend on developing more ideas.
And my sis has been in touch about a website, which from her ideas sounds like it will be lovely. I will let you know when it's up and running.
Til then any ideas about how to improve my sales would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, 25 February 2008


Moonlight Pods

Pablo Natural

Large Weeds

As I promised a blog of the week, here is a lovely discovery from Etsy, a talented artist from Annie Swincinski who has an amazing ETSY shop which you can visit here or visit her blog here. She has been an Etsy seller for about a year now and seems to be having a very successful time of it.
She says her primary inspiration comes from the natural environment (I love her flowers and weeds, they are just gorgeous!), and she shares some of my passions too: textiles and print, particularly woodblock and relief, and like me she loves the surprises and unpredictable nature of this medium.
I just love her work, bold colours and patterns. It just works sooo well.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Couple of lovely blogs for you to check out!

In between my top-secret wedding stationery work (which I can't wait to show you) I have been doing a little web-wandering and have come across a couple of new-to-me blogs:

Design Muse which is a gorgeous inspirational design blog by Casey Coyle. You can see some of her work here

And Design for Mankind which is full of lovely stuff and also you can visit the Etsy shop here I just love the Treetings, all handmade, really cute!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Winter holly

Have been very busy with 'work'-work and also designing some staionery for a wedding, which is top secret at the moment. Very excited about it, just wish I had more hours in the day, or just to have to go to my day job less!!! Maybe one day... I can dream.

So for now I will leave you with a wintery photo of a holly shadow on my garden wall, and hope to post more of my work soon.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The dangers of Lino tools!!

I started off the day with my full complement of fingers and thumbs.... and then I decided to do a lino print.....

Trial run of the first poppy print. Yes I know I said I was going to try and stay off the flowers but I couldn't help it.

My first proper lino cut

And my war wounds... *!##!*? it hurt!
You'll be pleased to know the surgeons could save the finger!!! Note to self: practice technique!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Etsy shop additions

I have added a couple more items to my Etsy shop which I have been neglecting for a while due to my holidays.
This week we have been off work and have been decorating and doing lots of those jobs you never seem to have time to do, like sorting out the mortgage, dusting (those of you who know me may be shocked by that admission!) and generally tidying and cleaning. I think the stay in that beautiful cottage has made me realise how in need of a spring clean my little cottage is, so now some (not all) parts of it are sparkling.

No need to worry though, I'm not going to over-do it, and intend to spend the last few days of my jollies doing nice stuff, like walking the dog, taking my nieces to the cinema, cooking some nice food and, on a work note, getting some ideas together for my pending wedding stationery commission!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Etsy goodies!

This lot arrived just before I went on my jollies. I was thinking I needed some vintage papers, so decided to look on Etsy to see if there was anyone selling any. I found DuctTapeAndDenim who had just the thing I needed.... No excuses now for the collaging. Bring it on vintage-style!!

Back from Jolly Holidays

Just got back yesterday from a beautiful week in Northumberland, staying at this cottage below, Pug Mill. It was like home from home really. I'm quite fussy when choosing holiday cottages, they have to have king size bed, comfy sofa and an open fire.... this had all three and more. And to make matters even better we had fantastic weather for the majority of the week. So were in the most amazing location, about 8 miles from Alnwick, in open countryside, and it was soooo quiet. Did lots of walking, a bit of painting, lots of wine drinking, cooking and eating. Perfect ingredients for a perfect holiday. And we are off work this week too... double bonus!

Pug Mill: our home for the week

Embleton Beach

Blue skies over the North Sea