Monday, 11 February 2008

Back from Jolly Holidays

Just got back yesterday from a beautiful week in Northumberland, staying at this cottage below, Pug Mill. It was like home from home really. I'm quite fussy when choosing holiday cottages, they have to have king size bed, comfy sofa and an open fire.... this had all three and more. And to make matters even better we had fantastic weather for the majority of the week. So were in the most amazing location, about 8 miles from Alnwick, in open countryside, and it was soooo quiet. Did lots of walking, a bit of painting, lots of wine drinking, cooking and eating. Perfect ingredients for a perfect holiday. And we are off work this week too... double bonus!

Pug Mill: our home for the week

Embleton Beach

Blue skies over the North Sea

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Gillian said...

Lucky you! I like Northumberland too - very rugged and unspoilt.