Thursday, 28 February 2008

More lino

I'm getting the hang of this lino thing now, ie I haven't chopped off any of my fingers today! And the top tip is to scrape away from your fingers and the image (otherwise chunks can be easily removed from each!). I'm just playing around with it at the moment, it's really difficult to get the ink evenly spread on the image, but then I think that is half of the appeal of the end result. I also need to tidy up both linocuts a bit as there is a bit of background noise going on, but then I kind of like that too.

But one thing I do want to know from any of you print people out there, which is the best way to print, laying the lino on top on the paper and rolling the back of it, or putting the paper on top of the lino and rolling it??? Maybe I should just try both and see which I like the best.

I'm going to spend the afternoon drinking tea and sketching teapots!

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Jesse said...

Generally I lay the paper on top of the block, and then burnish it with a porcelain doorknob or a wooden spoon. It means I can lift a corner of the paper to peek at the print, to see where I need to burnish further.