Friday, 28 March 2008

100th post

Well, my 100th post! Pop the champagne, I'm still going strong 100 posts into my blog and still working hard and loving it! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a read, it's good to know you are out there.

So, I'm feeling another milestone has been reached, things are going well with sooziebee at the moment. My shop is slowly growing in size and I have a wedding commission to do later on this year. I'm enjoying the fact that I have two full days a week (most weeks) to spend on my work, and even though it would be nice to spend more time on it, I am lucky enough to have my day job to fall back on financially.

Who knows where I will be this time next year, I have my little tick list of things that I want to do and am pleased to say that things are getting ticked off on a regular basis.The big one most recently was to get my first Etsy sale, which, I am pleased to say was quickly followed by my 2nd!

So, things are looking up, watch this space for more work next week. I'm off to London with the girls from work this weekend to see Dirty Dancing so won't be posting over the weekend. But here is my most recent Etsy shop post. Hope you like it.


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Jesse said...

Congratulations, on the 100th post, and on the Etsy sales!

Gillian said...

Love that new artwork, Sue. It's cheerful and eye-catching. Great to see that things are going well for you. Wouldn't it be great to bottle those good times!

I've sold my first print on Etsy - so let's have another glass of wine. Any excuse, eh? x