Sunday, 16 March 2008

All teapots great and small!!

So how many more teapot titles can I think of for these posts?

A friend of mine asked me the other day 'why teapots?' I didn't really have an answer to her question, which got me thinking. I suppose it's just funny how a project takes you from your starting point of something quite general to something quite specific. This one started in the kitchen with all things foodie and utensil-based. Then when we were on holiday I found a lovely little chinese style teapot in the dresser and started sketching, and the more teapots I have seen I have realised how many different sizes and shapes teapots come in (a bit like people really!). Tall and skinny, elegant, curvy, short and dumpy, cute, trendy, funny, beautiful..... I could go on! So this is what I have wanted to try and show in my general exploration of planet teapot!

Plus I do love a nice cup of tea.

I'm liking the recycled aspect of using envelope insides, the colours and patterns are nice to work with, and there are no shortages of supplies!

Right off to put the kettle on!

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Jesse said...

Brilliant idea to use envelopes! The colours work beautifully.