Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Artist of the week - Karen Faulkner

Well, its time again for my artist/blog of the week, as I haven't done one for a wee while. This week I'm featuring a wonderful artist Karen Faulkner, whose work I discovered on Etsy. I particularly love her use of free flowing watercolours and the wonderful form of her pictures.#

Like me her background is in something else other than the Art worls,her background and education are actually in the business world. She has a Master of Business Administration from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and she has worked in Marketing Communications for a number of years. She says that she thinks that exposure to visual media/layout and design of printed materials has helped me develop her painting and that in fact she is amazingly mostly self-taught! Her inspiration comes from moods, nature, Asian painting styles and color. Like me her favorite subject is flowers, but she also enjoys painting birds, seashore subjects and larger abstracts in acrylic on canvas. She told me that she strives for a feeling of lightness and spontaneity, which I think she manages with ease. Her paintings are truly beautiful, and affordable. Treat yourself and check out her shop here

Here are a few of her pieces she has for sale in her Etsy shop, I just love them...

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