Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Yes, I admit it, I am!

I love reading in my spare time (anything from chic lit, suspense, crime, thriller, romance, comedy, and the famous Richard and Judy Book Club) but illustrated childrens books are something I could just sit and look at all day! Get me in the kiddies section of Waterstones and I can while away hours, just flicking through and browsing. And some of the illustration, well sometimes it seems a shame to confine it to the pages of a book.

I first started my little collection when I was on my Foundation Course and was doing an Illustration Module. When I was researching I couldn't help but buy a sneaky few for myself! Buy one get one free: it would be rude not have at least four! And to justify my purchases my reasons were that we have lots of friends with kids, so it would be something for them to read when they come round to see us.

Here they are anyway, I might just have to show you inside a few of them, as they really are beautiful (but my camera battery has run out tonight and Relocation Relocation is about to start!!)

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