Sunday, 9 March 2008

Move over Nigella!

I don't want to brag or anything but today I have been even more of a domestic goddess than the marvellous Nigella Lawson!

I was out walking my dog before 9.30am, then made a roast beef dinner, butternut squash soup, a choc and ginger cake, and then did all the washing up and mopped the floors! Now I bet there are loads of you out there thinking 'big deal' but I'm not really the domestic type. Yes, I admit I do like cooking but as for all the cleaning etc, well, I do argue that life is too short! SO what got into me todayI don't know. Maybe it was the sunshine and significant whiff of Spring in the air, but I have been busy, so much for Sunday being the day of rest. But then I suppose I'm inot religion about as much as I am into cleaning!

Anyway I have spent a little bit of the afternoon doodling teapots. I want to expand my teapot range (currently 1) so I can do sets of prints in gorgeous colours to put in my kitchen and also to put in my Etsy shop. The thing is, now I have too many to choose from!

By the way, is there anyone out there. Doesn't anyone want to Pay it Forward? Come on....

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littlemithi said...

Well done Soozie on your domestic Goddessness!!!! Loving the tea pots .... you might like this - Sam's one of our third year students ... fellow tea lover ;)