Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Today the floor went down

We now have a floor in the studio, a great days work by Paul, and here he is, admiring his excellent handiwork! It's really coming together now, and I can't believe the change in a week, it's going to be finished before I know it, and I can't wait!

And on a work note, in my attempts to escape the corporate world of community pharmacy, I have had a good days work too, and have completed 30 wedding invitations. It took longer than I thought but I am really pleased with the outcome. Just hope that my clients are too!!

So now a lovely relaxing evening watching The Apprentice and a little sketching and stamping.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Making your own stamps

Yes, out of erasers from Staples. And look at the nice things you can make!!

And I have just realised it is sooziebee-design.blogspot's birthday today!! Yey, happy birthday you old blogger!!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wood patterns

Looking for patterns, and found some lovely ones, which I think would develop nicely, in my fire place. I am feeling a wee bit guilty this weekend as I haven't done any sooziebee work, but it just seems like there haven't been enough hours in the day. Today has been a lovely 'together' day with a walk/run this morning, followed by gardening, baking a choc and ginger cake, and reading the paper! Oh well, sometimes you just have to have a day off and think so-what!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Day 4

Day 4 of the studio conversion and things are going well, nearly all of the walls are insulated and we will be having the floor put down next week. The doors should be arriving Monday, which will be great.

This is what it look like inside, kind of shiny, but it will be very warm. And talking of the floor I have been on a tile hunt today and have a few choice below. I'm thinking maybe the top right hand side one, but we have another few places to look at before we choose. As am I officially one of the most indecisive people in the whole world I want Steve to be with me when we do choose, then if it's the wrong decision at least I can share the blame!!!

And after such a busy day (I didn't just go on a tile hunt I also braved Sainsburys on a Saturday as we would have beaten Old Mother Hubbard in an empty cupboard competition, oh yes, and I went running this morning with my dog), now I am going to sit down and read my latest edition of Embroidery magazine (part 2 of a gift subscription from my lovely sister!)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Motoring on

This is how the front of the studio looks now, the doors have gone and it's amazing how light it makes the space. Paul is motoring on, and is bang on schedule with the work, so next week we should be ready for the screed to go down on the floor, as all of the cosy insulation will be in place. We just have to go and look for some terracotta tiles tomorrow and also source a log burning stove for the ultimate cosy-factor. Blogger seems to be acting up again tonight so I can't pst any more photos. But keep watching and I will keep you up to date with progress.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Little promo

I have just posted a new pack of five 4 x4 inch blank greetings cards in my Etsy shop. If you order with this code 'free poppy' in your details you will receive a free 6 x 6 inch poppy card, black stitch on white paper, buy now before they all disappear!


These are the cards accepted for the book I was telling you about the other day, just taken before they were packaged up and sent off to America.

And this is my studio as it is now! Well, last night, you now can't see much of it, for bags of sand and piles of insulation. Great stuff, can't wait to get in there and start creating!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Studio work starts tomorrow

Yes, it really does. We have spent years talking about doing it and in about twelves hours work commences! I will post some photos when blogger starts behaving.

Also still haven't come down to earth about the card news, see prev post. Will also post some pix of the cards.

Friday, 18 April 2008

WOW, some great news!

Just had to tell you, I have had three cards designs accepted to be published in a forthcoming book by Rockport!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Just cracking open the vino now!! Will let you know more soon.

And this just got me thinking, after I came down from cloud nine to cloud eight, that it just shows what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Three years ago, I was in a completely different place to where I am now, feeling very disheartened and not knowing quite where my life was going and what was in store for me, as things weren't quite turning out as I had imagined .... so ...... I decided to try and take control and do something different, something purposeful and something I 'wanted' to do. One Foundation Course, lots of support from friends and family, and a little company called 'sooziebee' later here I am!

With each small step I have taken, each accomplishment, however small (my first business card, craft fair, commission, and online sale, to name but a few) and each thing I have crossed off my 'to do' list I have come to realise that if you believe in yourself you can make things happen! Hoping to spread the positive vibes to you all.


Winter blues!

Two blue ones today, partly inspired by the freezing weather!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Unfurling clematis

A good days work, lots of ink and mess!! I have chosen a very simple design to start my lino print cards and I'm going to do them in all different colours. You can buy this one on my Etsy shop here

Stuff I have been up to.

Well first up, I had some blog-love this week and was mentioned on a lovely little blog called Love Surface Design by fellow blogger Suzi, which was a lovely start to the week. Check out her blog, I feel honoured to be mentioned on the same page as other artists, such as Helen Musselwhite and Lisa Bengtsson! Thanks Suzi!
And today I just wanted to show you what I have been up to. Spring is all about at the moment, and the garden is bursting into life. I went and had a little sketch this morning as I needed some inspiration for my pile of new soft-cut lino I have just bought. See below, inspired by a clematis which is making friends with the lattice we have put up for it to climb up!

And lastly I have been trying to print some cards out this week, just getting the feel of how to set print margins etc and see what they look like printed. Still need a bit of practice, but this is the template for my husbands birthday card. All hearty... cos I love him!!! He's fab! And he never reads this blog so I can go on about how fab he is, without him getting a big ego!!
Ok, back to work!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Lazy Susan!

This is all the work I have done this weekend!! I know, I bet you are impressed! I have so many ideas whizzing around but not enough time to get them down on paper.

I'm not beating myself up about it, as I have had a very lovely weekend, seeing lots of friends and doing lots of nice things things like, eating food, chatting, drinking wine and watching films, and even a spot of gardening today, as the sun did shine on us. And having to work more hours in my day job at the moment, due to saving for our studio work and all that. Work starts on that in about ten days. Watch out for before, during and after photos!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Spring is here, (ok well nearly)

A little spring brightness to cheer up this grey evening!

Just posted on Etsy for a bargain price, get yours here
Ok, so what is up with our weather, people wonder why we are obsessed with it. One day it's snowing and the next it is 17C! I'm ready for spring now, even though I love my winter woolies, I feel it's now time, it does seem like it has been a long winter and I'm really looking forward to getting out into the garden. We have already bought some peas, beetroot and courgettes to grow, and the little plastc greenhouse has been unearthed from our 'soon-to-be' studio. Work starts on that in about two weeks. It's all go, just need a bit of warm sunshine and it will be perfect!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hearty teapot

This is my latest Etsy posting, a hearty teapot, which hopefully will soon be joined by some tea cups and it can be renamed a hearty cup of tea! See it here in my Etsy shop

Cor blimey, I have had a busy day. I went for a run (those of you who know me, don't faint with shock, it's my new lose some weight and get a bit fitter regime, I just wish it didn't hurt so bloomin much!). Then once I had returned to my normal colour and could breathe properly I have given my studio/bedroom/workspace a bit of a tidy, as it was doing my head in. Is it just me, I just can't seem to think straight if it's a mess. Tidy workspace, tidy mind and all that....

I have had a major chuck out of a load of rubbish, old papers, receipts, etc, you know the kind of stuff you just keep moving around the room hoping someone will come along and sort it out for you. I'm working four days at 'work-work' this week so won't have much time to post or do any sooziebee work, so I will post when I have something nice to tell you.

Oh, by the way, the Lotta Jansdotter book is lurvely, any readers who are into printing or just beginners like me, will find it useful, some good tips about technique etc, and those of you who are more experienced should just buy it anyway, as it is inspirational.

Lotta Jandotters New Book

As you know I have been having a bit of a printing frenzy over the past few months. Now whilst browsing one of my fave daily reads printpattern I saw that Lotta Jansdotter has published a new book all about Printing. Immediately I ordered it from Amazon and I am going to have a little read and a cup of tea right now. Will let you know how amazing it is later......

Friday, 4 April 2008

Mourning the death of my camera!

Yes it's true, my camera took its life into its own hands last night and took a leap off my desk onto the floor (was it really feeling that overworked and underpaid?). I have tried coaxing it back to life but it's having none of it!

So, I have decided to replace it straight away and have bought one of these babies, a Canon IXUS, which has come hightly recommended. So lets just hope it arrives soon so I can keep on snapping!! Watch this space for some new pics.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Mini teapots

Remember those collage papers I made, well today I found some watercolour wash backgrounds to work with them. And subconsciously I must just always go for the same colours as the wash backgrounds all 'go' with the papers I painted. They are a mini-series of teapots, mixed media, stitched onto the paper. I'm not sure on the messy stitching (maybe me being too precise!) but they look good together.

Brain drain!

I don't know whether I am suffering from a two day course induced brain drain, but the creative flow thing just isn't happening today! I have two whole days to spend on sooziebee and have very little to show for it up to press. I am trying to compile a list of magazine contacts to submit some of my work, and so far don't have many. If anyone out there has any tips on submitting to magazines I'd br grateful. I know it is free advertising but it seems like a very time-consuming task!
Maybe I should just get my paints out and have a bit of a doodling session. Yes thats what I will do, I can feel some more collagey paper things coming on, and maybe a teapot later! I also need to make my mother-on-law her requested floxglove birthsday present for her 70th this weekend.

Also I have to tell you the lovely Debbie Hill has featured her Pay It Forward package I sent her on her blog, and I must say I'm so pleased she liked them.