Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hearty teapot

This is my latest Etsy posting, a hearty teapot, which hopefully will soon be joined by some tea cups and it can be renamed a hearty cup of tea! See it here in my Etsy shop

Cor blimey, I have had a busy day. I went for a run (those of you who know me, don't faint with shock, it's my new lose some weight and get a bit fitter regime, I just wish it didn't hurt so bloomin much!). Then once I had returned to my normal colour and could breathe properly I have given my studio/bedroom/workspace a bit of a tidy, as it was doing my head in. Is it just me, I just can't seem to think straight if it's a mess. Tidy workspace, tidy mind and all that....

I have had a major chuck out of a load of rubbish, old papers, receipts, etc, you know the kind of stuff you just keep moving around the room hoping someone will come along and sort it out for you. I'm working four days at 'work-work' this week so won't have much time to post or do any sooziebee work, so I will post when I have something nice to tell you.

Oh, by the way, the Lotta Jansdotter book is lurvely, any readers who are into printing or just beginners like me, will find it useful, some good tips about technique etc, and those of you who are more experienced should just buy it anyway, as it is inspirational.

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Gillian said...

Love the colours of your new piece. Very stylish.
Do I need that book? Are you leading me astray? x