Thursday, 3 April 2008

Mini teapots

Remember those collage papers I made, well today I found some watercolour wash backgrounds to work with them. And subconsciously I must just always go for the same colours as the wash backgrounds all 'go' with the papers I painted. They are a mini-series of teapots, mixed media, stitched onto the paper. I'm not sure on the messy stitching (maybe me being too precise!) but they look good together.


littlemithi said...

The colour combinations work really well! I've been experimenting with my 'free motion machine drawing' and I can get NEARly as tidy lines as you ... practice practice practice I guess...

Gillian said...

Those teapots are fab, Sue. The colour wash backgrounds really make them zing.

Sorry to hear about your ex-camera. Not good. The little camera that I keep in my bag, just for fun, is a Kodak Easyshare 7MP. It cost about £90 and is great for most things though not of good enough quality for my stock images.
If you can afford a bit more then I would suggest a Canon or Nikon - you can't go wrong with those brands imo.
Sorry I can't be more specific. x