Thursday, 3 April 2008

Brain drain!

I don't know whether I am suffering from a two day course induced brain drain, but the creative flow thing just isn't happening today! I have two whole days to spend on sooziebee and have very little to show for it up to press. I am trying to compile a list of magazine contacts to submit some of my work, and so far don't have many. If anyone out there has any tips on submitting to magazines I'd br grateful. I know it is free advertising but it seems like a very time-consuming task!
Maybe I should just get my paints out and have a bit of a doodling session. Yes thats what I will do, I can feel some more collagey paper things coming on, and maybe a teapot later! I also need to make my mother-on-law her requested floxglove birthsday present for her 70th this weekend.

Also I have to tell you the lovely Debbie Hill has featured her Pay It Forward package I sent her on her blog, and I must say I'm so pleased she liked them.

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