Tuesday, 27 May 2008

On a brighter note, a picture my godson has drawn for me of a dinosaur and his friend the rabbit!! Yey, don't you just love it!!! And the four kisses too!! What a sweetheart.


Just a few snaps to show you how all over the place my head is at the moment. I thought I was starting to come up with some new ideas and leaving 'feeling uninspired' behind but I can't seem to figure out what it is I want to do. I'm just doing stuff for the sake of feeling like I am doing stuff and there doesn't seemt to be any cohesive thought or process behind any of it. If I sit for a day and do nothing I feel like I have wasted a day so instead I sit up in my room churning out this lot of tosh! I hate it!

Well, ok, I don't hate it, but it isn't me. It looks too twee. Oh dear what's a girl to do. We can't be having all of this blog negativity can we? I just don't know what is up with me at the moment.
Maybe my sister is right, I need to write myself a brief??

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rainy Sunday

More playing this weekend, results below. The top one is just an experiment in using up some of my envelopes and recycled paper stash in ways I haven't before. Also the bottom pic is the third in my series of the statue lino cuts. See the others below. Any favourites???

We have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I took my godson to see Elmer the Patchwork Elephant at the theatre and he stayed for lunch too. Had a lovely time, life through the eyes of a four year old is so refreshing!! And I was quite flattered that he didn't want to go home, he obviously enjoyed himself.

Then we nipped off to Leicester to pick up our ebay cupboard. Now call me a girl, but I didn't think about how tall it would be (luckily Steve did but it was still a bit worrying!) And we got there and saw it and it was huge. I just 'assumed' it would fit into my room (after all, why on earth wouldn't it?) At seven foot tall it's gonna be a tight squeeze, but it will look fantastic and if I can't fit all of my art stuff into it, then I've got a lot more than I thought! So needless to say, it didn't fit into the car and the lovely man who sold it to us said he would bring it up to us in his van. It's now lying on it's side in our living room as we can't get it upright (oh yes, I forgot to say it also weighs a tonne!) and the beams in our house make it impossible to stand it up. But hey ho, I'm sure there is a way we can get it into the studio without too many problems.

And on this beautiful rainy Bank Holiday Sunday I have been creating a bit more in my room listening to the ipod. Very relaxing. Better go now though I think lunch is ready.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Coming out of the lull

Just a bit of pre-studio experimentation today. I printed some of my statue lino prints onto tissue paper, with really interesting textural finish, and just have been playing around a bit with acrylics and collage papers resulting in these. The first series shows the development of the work from initial layering of papers and then adding layers of acrylics. I found some lovely gold/bronze metallic paint in my box so this has given both of the pieces a burnished effect. Hope you like.

Progress report

I have a confession to make.... I think I am becoming addicted to ebay! We have found this lovely old pine school cupboard for the studio to store all my bits and pieces in. We pick it up this weekend!!

And while we are the topic of the studio (have I talked about anything else recently!) the floor is coming along nicely thankyou very much!

Okay, I am going to get on with some work now, in my old room, which will be reformed back into a bedroom very soon. I'm feeling a little more inspired than I have of late. I will post some pictures this weekend, I have few print ideas up my sleeve.
On the down side though I do feel about 20 years older than I did yesterday. Went for a longish run yesterday morning and then followed that with an hour of horse riding so I actually am walking like an arthritic cowboy today. If it didn't hurt so much it would be quite funny!!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Under foot - studio update

I now have lights and underfloor heating system down, which is very exciting. It's all coming together BUT the flipping door company has let us down AGAIN! This is the third time they have said they will deliver and have failed to. What can you do? It's a poor service but with the prices being so good we are just going to have to wait. Not the end of the world, but a bit frustrating.

Never mind though, my floor tiles are being put down as I type. I'm so pleased with them. By the end of today the room should, once again, have been transformed! I'm spending the afternoon in the garden putting some strawberries and some begonias in, and maybe will do a bit of sketching. The inspiration thing still isn't happening at the moment, but I'm not putting myself under any pressure to get anything done. the Etsy shop has been sadly neglected as I haven't got any new work to post, but once I'm in the studio there will be no stopping me...... I hope!

Monday, 19 May 2008

1st coat of paint

Worry not, we aren't leaving it like this! It's just the first coat of emulsion to seal the plaster and we did it tonight after we got in from work. Didn't take long and it's one more step to realising what this place will look like when it is finished. Watch out for lots more pictures later in the week as we have lots happening, the underfloor heating goes down, plus tiles and then Friday the doors get varnished and will go in. Then the room will be sealed to the elements!

This is the view from near where my desk will be, and look at the nosey boy checking up on our painting techniques!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

This recycling thing

Another day of zero 'sooziebee' work as there has been so much to do in the garden. I have planted out the tomatoes and some of the bedding plants we bought and thought they would look nice in some of the tins I have been saving for recycling!!

And we didn't christen the studio with its first coat of white emulsion as the walls haven't dried properly, although we keep regularly inspecting them I don't think they are going to be dry enough tonight. Will have to do them tomorrow night after work, now that will be something nice to look forward to after a day of prescriptions and my appraisal! Yey, can't wait for that!! Roll on Monday evening....

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Completely plastered!

The studio, not me!

The plasterers came today and look at what they have done! They have made a fantastic job of the walls and ceiling and I think we are going to go and get some cheap paint tomorrow to seal the walls ready for the real thing sometime soon. Watch this space... I just really hope the doors come next week, afte having been let down twice. Fingers crossed!

Some things are just black and white

I have had a few days break from blogging and sooziebee, which I spent up North seeing the family and also collecting the floor tiles for my studio. While I was up there I went shopping to Newcastle with my mam, and cam across these lovely teatowels, and I just had to buy them. British Home stores in the sale! I bagged a bargain.

They are beautifull designed and the kind of thing I would love to do. I have had a very inspiring chat with my sister and am getting fired up for some more work. Not quite sure what it is going to be yet, maybe I will take her advice and write myself a little brief. I need to get my sewing machine out again and give it a whirl, maybe on some fabric rather than paper for a change. But printing is still lurking there in the back of my mind.
Going with the black and white theme above I took some photos of our new fly screen on the back door, last night when it was dark outside, and the resulting patterns are just lovely. Would be perfect for a lino???

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Blogging break

Taking a wee break from blogging, be back in a few days! I feel like I need to switch off and recharge for a while x x x

Friday, 9 May 2008

Pink elephants on parade (and blue ones)

I have been having fun today experimenting with acrylics instead of printing ink. And with a sponge they work quite well, the colours I used were quite paler ones, but I loved this elephant in pink. I also tried my angel linocut in acrylics to and really like the results. It seems the paint takes to the paper easier than block printing ink does, but you don't get the same vibrancy of colour. Oh well, I'm still learning.

I'm going round in circles a bit with 'sooziebee' this week, maybe because we have had a lot of other things going on as well, but it seems I'm lacking a bit of direction. I want to get on making some new products but am not sure where I want to start. I have boxes ful of fabric paints and acrylics that a friend gave me (and I'm talking BOXES), and I want to get them out and have a go, but I'm not sure what I want to do??? Anyone else ever feel like this?

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Tha garden is providing some interesting things to look at and sketch at the mo.
And sitting carving a lino block in the sunshine is a good way to spend an afternoon.

Spring in Notts

Spring pictures from my walk the other night, it was a beautiful evening and the gorse along the side of the woods looks fantastic in the evening sunshine. Very inspirational.

I can't believe the weather, it's gorgeous here today and I have four whole days to do nice things.

Studio update: the doors are going to be delayed until end of next week, annoying but true. It takes the pressure off finding tiles and a wood burner stove but I think the sooner we get everything ordered the better. So watch this space for pictures next week I hope of the studio with doors in situ.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

More studio pics

I know, I can't help it, I'm just soooo excited about my studio and how well it is all coming along. I have been away this weekend for a weekend up North and when I came back on Sunday, my studio looked like this! The doors arrive tomorrow!

And what about the Bank Holiday weekend, how nice was the weather over here. We got out in the garden and planted up some pots. I planted some beetroot and also the courgettes I planted last Saturday have all germinated. Things just seem to be bursting into life as we speak.

While I was up North I went to a fantastic exhibition at The Biscuit Factory called Well Thread. It was full of amazing textile and stitch based work. I took some pictures (which was probably a bit naughty, but I just will have to share them with you tomorrow perhaps!). The featured artists were really varied and I could have spent ages there just looking in awe at their work.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Poppy head stamps

I'm getting carried away with this stamping lark, it's just so relaxing carving into soft rubber and making lovely shapes and images. I must post something on Etsy this week, as I have been neglecting my wee shop I think people will be forgetting it's there!

Anyway, studio update: the floor is drying nicely. It seems like it will be done in a couple of weeks. Yey, then I can move all my stuff in and go and hibernate in there for two days a week.