Friday, 23 May 2008

Progress report

I have a confession to make.... I think I am becoming addicted to ebay! We have found this lovely old pine school cupboard for the studio to store all my bits and pieces in. We pick it up this weekend!!

And while we are the topic of the studio (have I talked about anything else recently!) the floor is coming along nicely thankyou very much!

Okay, I am going to get on with some work now, in my old room, which will be reformed back into a bedroom very soon. I'm feeling a little more inspired than I have of late. I will post some pictures this weekend, I have few print ideas up my sleeve.
On the down side though I do feel about 20 years older than I did yesterday. Went for a longish run yesterday morning and then followed that with an hour of horse riding so I actually am walking like an arthritic cowboy today. If it didn't hurt so much it would be quite funny!!

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