Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rainy Sunday

More playing this weekend, results below. The top one is just an experiment in using up some of my envelopes and recycled paper stash in ways I haven't before. Also the bottom pic is the third in my series of the statue lino cuts. See the others below. Any favourites???

We have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I took my godson to see Elmer the Patchwork Elephant at the theatre and he stayed for lunch too. Had a lovely time, life through the eyes of a four year old is so refreshing!! And I was quite flattered that he didn't want to go home, he obviously enjoyed himself.

Then we nipped off to Leicester to pick up our ebay cupboard. Now call me a girl, but I didn't think about how tall it would be (luckily Steve did but it was still a bit worrying!) And we got there and saw it and it was huge. I just 'assumed' it would fit into my room (after all, why on earth wouldn't it?) At seven foot tall it's gonna be a tight squeeze, but it will look fantastic and if I can't fit all of my art stuff into it, then I've got a lot more than I thought! So needless to say, it didn't fit into the car and the lovely man who sold it to us said he would bring it up to us in his van. It's now lying on it's side in our living room as we can't get it upright (oh yes, I forgot to say it also weighs a tonne!) and the beams in our house make it impossible to stand it up. But hey ho, I'm sure there is a way we can get it into the studio without too many problems.

And on this beautiful rainy Bank Holiday Sunday I have been creating a bit more in my room listening to the ipod. Very relaxing. Better go now though I think lunch is ready.

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