Saturday, 17 May 2008

Some things are just black and white

I have had a few days break from blogging and sooziebee, which I spent up North seeing the family and also collecting the floor tiles for my studio. While I was up there I went shopping to Newcastle with my mam, and cam across these lovely teatowels, and I just had to buy them. British Home stores in the sale! I bagged a bargain.

They are beautifull designed and the kind of thing I would love to do. I have had a very inspiring chat with my sister and am getting fired up for some more work. Not quite sure what it is going to be yet, maybe I will take her advice and write myself a little brief. I need to get my sewing machine out again and give it a whirl, maybe on some fabric rather than paper for a change. But printing is still lurking there in the back of my mind.
Going with the black and white theme above I took some photos of our new fly screen on the back door, last night when it was dark outside, and the resulting patterns are just lovely. Would be perfect for a lino???

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