Thursday, 22 May 2008

Under foot - studio update

I now have lights and underfloor heating system down, which is very exciting. It's all coming together BUT the flipping door company has let us down AGAIN! This is the third time they have said they will deliver and have failed to. What can you do? It's a poor service but with the prices being so good we are just going to have to wait. Not the end of the world, but a bit frustrating.

Never mind though, my floor tiles are being put down as I type. I'm so pleased with them. By the end of today the room should, once again, have been transformed! I'm spending the afternoon in the garden putting some strawberries and some begonias in, and maybe will do a bit of sketching. The inspiration thing still isn't happening at the moment, but I'm not putting myself under any pressure to get anything done. the Etsy shop has been sadly neglected as I haven't got any new work to post, but once I'm in the studio there will be no stopping me...... I hope!

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