Wednesday, 25 June 2008

lower case

Finally out paint to paper in the studio, just messing about and playing with watercolour with some delphiniums from the garden, a gorgeous pinky purpley blue. I like it on the floor as no comfy seat to sit on yet and can spread all my paints everywhere. I'm a bit out of practice but jus wanted to go and pay tonight.

Just wanted to share with you my Lu Summers prize I was telling you about, which arrived in the post yesterday. I love it Lu, thanks so much. I need to go 'frame shopping' to get a suitable frame and then when Steve has got some suitable nail-thingys for plasterboard walls, it can go uo, pride of place in the studio. I thought I would call and get some on the way home from work tonight but the selection was shockingly bad and I came home empty handed, boo! Which also means I can't get on with my next commission of two pictures for my friends kitchen, double boo! And here's me thinking I was being organised!

Talking of the studio, which now looks a bit more homely and lived-in, here are a few pics of how all my stuff did fit in! I'm LOVING the humungous cupboard, and who says size doesn't matter?

My first happy new studio card, from Gillian from The Fading Rose perched on my desk. Ok I'm off up there to admire it and hopefully think about doing some work!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness your studio looks incredible! Does it make me a bad person if I say I am envious? haha - you have clearly worked so hard on it.

Are you doing the Sneinton Make tea not war craft and cake event on Sunday? I thought I saw you on an email? I am now going to be there as I had a last minute change of plan!

Take care