Monday, 16 June 2008

More studio blurb

And the first piece of furniture is in place, the massive cupboard is finally upright and in one piece, after the inital nightmare of 'oh blimey it won't fit!' It has been lying in a pitiful state on its back for the last week or so, waiting to be wedged into place, and be filled with my sketchbooks, paints, fabrics etc etc etc

And this is what it looks like from outside now, all warm and cosy and new, I'm moving in this weekend.
As for other stuff as I do actually have a life which involves more than gazing up the garden longingly... I had my first day back at work today, which I enjoyed. Quite busy but it makes the time go faster until I can rush home and gaze up the garden longingly... Oh bugger I did it again! I promise this will end soon!


Gillian said...

It's looking fabulous, Sue. The neutral walls will be perfect as your gallery space. I hope you're going to have a champagne party to open it officially?

Pretty little garden too. x

DEE BEALE said...

Hi, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, very envious of your studio it looks great