Monday, 30 June 2008

Slowly shaping up

The studio.... not me! I have been away for the weekend with group of friends to the wonderful Combermere Abbey in Shropshire/Cheshire so the only thing I have been shaping up is my wine pouring skills. It's a fantastic private estate with a converted courtyard of holiday cottages, a walled garden, tennis court, lake, and woodland, and we spent it with a big group of friends to celebrate a 40th birthday! We had such a great time, although I think I drank my whole years alcohol allowance in three days!

Back to work tomorrow, boo, and don't know when I will get time to spend in the studio, which we have actually done some more moving things in today. the first pic is our cottage for the weekend, just to show you what it looked like.

And here are the latest of the studio! It's lookin, and sounding, a lot cosier, as the more stuff we put in the less 'echoey' it gets, I just can't wait to get a sofa, comfy desk chair and lamp. WE did brave IKEA today on our way home, and I must day I just find going there so stressful. It's a nightmare and you always seem to spend ten times more money than you had planned, and coming home with loads of stuff you don't really need! Well, I survived to live another day, have spent the afternoon poddling around doing jobs, and had an even more stressful evening watching the Andy Murray match at Wimbledon on the telly! And he won!!!! Yey!!

Here below is my lovely LuSummers picture I won last week. It's taken pride of place between two 'sooziebee's, but I do think I may have to contact Lu and ask her to make me some more, I just love her original style! Ummmm, love it!!


Anonymous said...

Soozie, so pleased you had a good time and that Combermere worked its magic, hope to see you again soon.
Sarah CB

True Bloom said...

It's looking good!x

lusummers said...

ohhhh...looks lovely all framed, so glad you like it! :) x

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that the studio looks just great - can't wait to see it for real!