Monday, 23 June 2008

Very happy

Even though I have been at work and only got to stand in my studio for 2 mins today!

But I have had some feedback from my 'wedding staionery' clients, all positive and good, which has given me that lovely feeling that this IS what I want to be doing. There are days when I wonder whether my stuff is any good at all, whether I will ever find my 'style' that I see in so many other peoples work I admire, whether I will ever design a range of something that will sell, and whether people who I know just say they like my work to keep me sweet. But chatting to the happy couple tonight made me realise that they really do like their invitations, and it has made me v v pleased! Happy clients = happy me!!

I will post a picture once they have had the chance to send them out to their guests! And you never know, if I'm lucky I may get to do some more wedding invitations at some point.

Other 'happy' stuff, as well as the studio being done, and winning the Lu Summers prize, I also sold two items on Etsy last week, on the same day, which made me smile. I was giving up on my shop as I hadn't made anything new for ages, but now sky's the limit, I have a beautiful space in which to work, what more could a girl want?

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