Saturday, 14 June 2008

While I was gone

Now I'm back home I just HAVE to show you what's been happening while I was away on holiday. The studio floor was finished and grouted and looks just AMAZING, thanks to Paul for all his hard work. We are definitely in the home stretch now. I have painted today, after a tester-pot extravaganza, which I am pleased to say my husband didn't see! They are all now covered up with Almost Oyster, a colour I would never have gone for in the colour booklet but it just looked great against the tiles. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see the finished article as I am just about ready for bed!

Wood burning stove in situ but as you can see not connected up yet. Don't think we will be doing that for a few weeks. It's hardly essential at the mo, being summer and warmish.

And before I go I just had to share this photo of my garden, which seems to have come on tremendously with all this warm weather. The foxgloves just look ready for sketching and the delphiniums are a beautiful light blue colour. I love my ickle garden, it's not huge but it's perfect fo us!

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