Sunday, 22 June 2008


It's finished (well apart from some fiddly bits of painting and varnishing) but I'm moving in today.

The only problem is.... well you know that bit in Jaws when they say 'I think we're gonna need a bigger boat'? Well I never thought I would say this but 'I think I'm gonna need a bigger cupboard!' I'm hoping it is a magic cupboard (a bit along the lines of Mary Poppins bag) and all of my stuff will fit into it!
Ok, back to work!
Ooh, and I have some exciting news, I posted on Lu Summers blog on a post she did to enter a draw for a piece of her lovely work, and she contacted me yesterday to say I had won! I can't wait to receive my prize and will put in on the wall in my studio along with my gorgeous print from Gillian from FadingRose and also my amazing sugarloop gocco. I will be visiting Etsy soon to buy some more from my favourite artists.

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Gillian said...

Lucky you - Lu Summers' work is great.
There is no such thing as a cupboard that's just the right size. It's an unwritten law of physics that any cupboard is immediately filled and therefore too small!
Exciting stuff!