Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Grrrrr, I had to go into town this morning to take my mobile phone into the shop to be sent off for repair, I found that in itself annoying enough! How come is seems like however early you get there you are never first in the queue? And how come the person in front never has an easy-to-solve problem. I ended up being in there for ages and then got back to my car to find I had been in there for an hour and six minutes (yes, six minutes over the cheapest limit) It was £2.70 for the pleasure, and then I discovered I didn't have enough change in my purse. The payment machines wouldn't take my card either! This was meant to be a quick nip into town!

After scratting around in the depths of my hand bag and a journey back to the car to raid the spare change supplies I finally mustered together enough spare change for the ticket but then found the machines wouldn't take anything less than 20p piece. Arrrgghh! I had to go and find the man in the ticket booth, who let me pay for my ticket there and I was on my way home!

I finally made it home to the peace and tranquility of my studio and sunny garden where I have been doing a spot of meditative printing!

Hope you like....
Now I have to get all hot and sweaty in the kitchen making a huge batch of chilli for the weekend.

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