Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Comfy sofa bed puzzle

Hands up if you think this will look just groovy in my new studio.
We have been searching high and low for a sofa bed, to the point I thought we were never going to find one that my bum gets along with. Having had many a bad experience with sofa beds over the years I really want one that is just right, ie very comfy sofa AND bed, if this isn't too much to ask.
But there in the depths of John Lewis (i know, gorgeous shop but pricey) i think I may have found MY sofa bed. I never thought I would go for a corner one, but having moved things around in the studio, we have the perfect spot for it (and we have measured it this time, to avoid another episode of the cupboard that was too tall!!!). Um, just going to go and sit on it one more time to make sure its the one for me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah love it, are you planning on living in the studio??! You should buy a teasmaid and a toaster while you're at John Lewis, that way you'll never have to leave (once you get a chance to get in there in the first place!) x

sooziebee said...

Didn't buy toaster or teasmaid, but who's to say I won't treat myself in the future, the sofa will be mine very soon tho!!!