Monday, 14 July 2008

Lino 2

Here is the 2nd of my series of lino prints for my latest work, inspired by my garden. I like the shape of this one and even though it doesn't look a lot like the flower did in real life I think I have made it my own. Two more to do, although I think I will end up with a lot more ideas. This week I want to spend a bit more time researching if the weather is good enough before I start and develop ideas and try out different techniques. Plus the sewing machine is raring to go. I ahve two commissions to do as canvasses, and also a two framed pictures to make so i have a few irons in the fire this month.


littlemithi said...

Loving these new lino prints ... looks like you've been busy (love the backgrounds too!)

Jesse said...

Both of these lino blocks are lovely! The flower has such a great balance to it.