Sunday, 13 July 2008

Lino tryouts

These are the lino prints I was telling you about, I'm really happy with them, they just need a bit of tidying up. Also I just love doing these layered backgrounds, it's so relaxing. So I'm gonna spend some time working on these today 'dans la studio' while Steve jet washes the stone patio at the back of the house. It's one of those jobs he has been meaning to do for ages, the stone gets so slippery, and with all the rain we are having sooner or later someone is going to end up head first down the steps!
Oh yes, and I have ordered the chocolate brown chenille sofa bed from John Lewis. It's arriving on Thursday (much anticipated, as the studio will then have the long awaited 'comfort factor'). Will post pictures when it arrives. We have friends/family staying with us over the next three weekends, so I'm sure it will be well-used!


Gillian said...

These are lovely. I'm trying to work out which flower inspired them. Agapanthus maybe? The layered backgrounds make a great foil for your prints too. x

Bridget said...

I just stubbled upon your blog...I love your work, very beautiful stuff!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely, it's interesting to see how your sketches and shells developed in to these prints :)