Sunday, 6 July 2008

New buys

Some Etsy lovelies, from some of my faves! This one is from the gorgeous Karen Faulkner, see her shop here and her blog here. This is now in a frame on my desk, soon to adorn the quite-bare but slowly filling walls of the studio.

And these two prints are from Toni Young Photography and The Fading Rose, respectively. Can't wait to buy some new frames for them. Check out their blogs and Etsy shops and treat yourself!
As for my week, well I have had better! I don't seem to have had time to think, hence lack of posts, work has been quite stressful (I even cried at one point, which is never a good thing at work). I will blame it all on PMT I think, I just had one of those 'Exorcist' moments, when my head was about to spin around, I turned a vile shade of puce, and uttered a shocking stream of swear words, which turned the air in my office a rather frosty shade of blue! Quite comical now I think about it!!
AS for 'sooziebee' work, not much has been happening, due to other time constraints, but I will hopefully have more new work to post thru July and August, so do keep reading. I will also be finding out whether I have been accepted to the Harley Gallery Winter Market soon, keep your fingers crossed.

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Gillian said...

Thanks for that, Sue. Coincidentally, I've just returned the compliment! x