Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Studio action

in the form of..... some new pieces I'm developing for a commission for my sister for her house in Italy.

It was lovely to get the sewing machine out today and start stitching again, quite liberating. And having delved into the big box of material that a friend gave me a few years ago I have found the perfect 'no-scrunch' fabric, which doesn't gather when it is free-machine-stitched.

I had to have a little jaunt to John Lewis this afternoon, (no, not to go and gaze at the sofa-bed whispering 'you will be mine') but to try to find some more fabric. I got a bit side-tracked by the amazing range they have, wondering which would look nice in our house, but I soon made it back home, without spending too much money!
I couldn't help picking up a bargain in The Works, where I found Jane Austen's 'Persuasion' for £1.99. I have vowed to read all of her books after seeing a chic-flick about a Jane Austen book club (not an amazing film, but it piqued my interest nevertheless). SO maybe this will be the year I get a bit more cultured and read some of the old classics.
Anyway, I;m back off to poppyland to see what this new fabric stitches like.....

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Anonymous said...

You have been busy lately! Glad you're getting time to work in the lovely new studio :)