Friday, 25 July 2008

two posts in a day, my I must have been busy!

I have had a superb day in the studio today, have been very busy indeey, finishing off the lino series (well, it technically isn't quite finished yet, but hey, it nearly is) and intermittently sitting on the sun lounger catching a few rays. See below what I have been up to, the Euphorbia that looks more like an Allium got two lino cuts, one the relief of the other. And i got in the zone to cut the complicated one which i printed onto a background of beautiful blues (hope you like this one Karen F as I know your fave colour is blue!!)


Karen Faulkner said...

I do like it! The style and shape as well as the color, and that collaged background is nice.

Gillian said...

This is gorgeous. Your lino-cuts are very finely detailed. I'm impressed by your skill. x