Friday, 8 August 2008


Thats what time the workmen next door started banging and hammering and drilling this morning! Can't you get a decent lie-in around here... er... hello... tired girl with a cold, needs her beauty sleep!

Well the day started off a bit noisily to say the least. I still have my cold and my nose has gone all sore and dry and peeling (umm, very attractive!), and the weather forecast is pants so we can't go camping this weekend! But hey, you know things could be worse. It has taken me ages to get going today, I'm not feeling the studio love, I think I just want to sleep. But yes, the workmen are still making a noise. Even with my earplugs in I can hear them!

Oh dear, well I did get something done, even if it was only a 'wee' thing, and that was to print up more gift tags for the Etsy shop, see below. I really am trying to keep posting things in there but they just seem to get buried as soon as they are posted. I'm not having much luck. Any tips anyone....

Oh bugger it, I'm giving up for the day, am just full of negative vibes so I do apologise for my whining post. Will be happier tomorrow, promise!

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