Thursday, 7 August 2008


I thought I would share my latest commission with you, it's for a good friend of mine and she has been waiting for this since November last year. I hope she is pleased with it and hope it was worth the wait.

I'm not feeling much better today, still snotty and bunged up. Colds should be banned until winter time, then I may be more tempted to just snuggle up in bed with a good book and cup of cocoa and give in to it. Instead the sun is shining on this part of the UK today and it is far too nice to be couped up in the house. So I have had some productive studio time to do some catching up. I have already got ideas for my next project but I am making myself finish off other things before I commence. It's all about a range of birthday cards for boys, it seems that there is a bit of a gap in the market for blokey cards.

I also want to take my garden project a bit further as well by developing some more product ideas so watch this space....

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